Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you lurking in my blog.

With this being my first blog post, I feel that it’s only fair for me to share a little about myself. By the look of my blog you can most likely tell that I’m an avid gamer who probably spends far too much time sitting at my TV shooting people on Battlefield 4 and being scored against on FIFA 14.

From a young age I’ve always played games. I remember playing on an Atari and a Sega Megadrive with my older brothers, continuing this trend till I arrived on my favoured device, the Playstation 4. Now before you get ahead of yourself, I am by no means one of these Sony ‘Fanboiiiss’. I just happen to have spent much of my childhood, eyes glued to a TV and hands glued to a Playstation controller. I have owned an XBOX 360 which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it unfortunately became ill with a quite serious case of red ring. I did get medical help but unfortunately it ended up being taken apart for spare parts.

I have also owned Nintendo consoles which I have enjoyed very much. But for some reason I feel that I have grown out of them. Maybe it’s the games they’ve released, maybe they just don’t grab my attention and the only place where I can satisfy my insatiable appetite is across the hills in a town called Sony. Who knows this eh?

Now, I don’t know what type of content I will blog on here. Most likely it will be about my gaming journey, what games I have played and hope to play, what things I like and dislike (reviews) and maybe some things a little off topic. I don’t expect many people to read it, but I’m not starting this blog for a large audience to read, it’s more for myself, somewhere for me to put down all these thoughts that keep running around in my head.

But! If you are reading this then thank you, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now don’t be scared to comment if you want a chat and following my blog always helps.

Speak to you soon.



2 thoughts on “Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you lurking in my blog.

  1. Best of luck as you start your blog. Just write about what interests you and you’ll do fine.

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